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About us

The purpose of the Certification Authority «InterUnionCert, LLC» is to contribute into the development of the companies, which export and import goods on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Custom Union.

The collaboration with the main Russian and international certification bodies and laboratories affords the opportunity to offer best conditions and the shortest deadlines.

The experience of our specialists allows in many cases to obtain documents without real test-reports- on the basis of technical documentation, so on the minimum package of documents.

Our services and advices will help you to avoid the delay of the certification process, which will minimize the costs and save your time.

The cost of certification services is formed on the basis of several factors:

To determine the cost of a document our experts need to see a brief description of the product ( it's application area) and HS Code.

To assess the scope of work we require such information as quantity of products (series, batch, single product), it's location (the possibility of testing and expert’s visit to the manufacture), etc.

We focus the attention of the potential customers that the cost of work in «InterUnionCert, LLC» is calculated only from the labour of our experts and in each case is calculated individually. Therefore we are ready to offer the most pleasant cost for the provided services.

Why does the cooperation with us save your money and time?

1. We are located in Moscow, where are all main certification bodies offices;
2. We work only with acknowledged experts, who have strong experience in different fields;
3. We guaranty the quality of services we provide;
4. Our managers speak your native language;
5. Laboratory tests are not needed in most cases, If the documentation of the product is clear –HS code + description are enough;
6. We guarantee quick and quality response.

Even if today you already have stable partner relations in the sphere of organization exterior economic activity, this information will help you to estimate the service we offer you for developing your business in Russia and in the Custom Union.

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Best regards,

"InterUnionCert, LLC" team


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