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Сertificate of conformity

Certificate of conformity (also known as quality certificate, GOST R certificate and etc.) - is the official document, issued in accordance with the rules of certification system in order to confirm correspondence of quality and safety of certified products to the stated requirements, applicable standards (GOST R, GOST TR, TR CU and etc.), technical regulations, rules, norms and other normative documents stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation or The Custom Union. 

A certificate of conformity is intended for certification of goods produced either by Russian companies or shipped to Russia or Custom Union by an importer-company. It can be issued for a batch of goods and for a serial production.

Certification of products can be obligatory and voluntary.

The list of products subject to mandatory certification is determined by the current legislation system and laws of the Russian Federation and the Custom Union. For the products not included in the list, the certification may be conducted on a voluntary basis to confirm its specific properties or to increase the number of sold products. Voluntary certificate is a significant argument, additionally claims the consumer in the products' high quality. Its presence significantly increases the value of the company in the conditions of competitive struggle on the market today, helps to attract new partners and widening the circle of potential clients, gives an opportunity of an output on the international market by taking part in government tenders.

If there is no need to obtain the voluntary certificate, the "refusal letter" for trade or for customs clearance will be enough.

To determine under what kind of certification the product falls (obligatory/voluntary) is possible due to the HS codes and techniсal description.

The basis for issuing a certificate of conformity is a protocol/report that sets forth the results of the tests in the accredited laboratory, or the conclusion of the qualified experts.

Systems of certification and registration procedure:

There are several types of legal acts with differing requirements for specific products:

• GOST R (mandatory and voluntary);
• Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation (mandatory);
• Technical Regulations of the Custom Union (mandatory).

From 2013 started to come into force new standards confirm the quality of the product (Technical Regulations of the Customs Union), which are intended to simplify the procedure of certification regardless of the territory of what country (Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan) takes place the confirmation of compliance and raise the quality of products on new, fundamentally higher level.

On certain groups of products national norms (GOST R) and requirements stop their action. Certificates/Declarations TR CU act on the whole territory of the Customs Union, i.e. one document has legal force in the three countries.

Issuing the Certificate of conformity TR CU, the manufacturer has the right to apply to product, its packaging or label a special mark EAC

To issue Certificates of conformity can only organization that received the Certificate of accreditation of certification body, which has an expiration date and signed by the head of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology.


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